ANTPOS A0022 experience product

ANTPOS A0022 experience product

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Upgraded Car Scanner ? Comprehensive, accurate, and fast. Go beyond a basic OBD2 code reader’s capability. This TOPDON 2021 newly-released diagnostic tool is fully equipped 5 popular reset functions including Oil Reset (for 53 Brands), BMS Reset (for 31 Brands), ABS Bleeding (for 34 Brands), DPF Reset (for 39 Brands), Throttle Adaptation (for 37 Brands) to help improve the efficiency of your workbench. **The function list is depended on the vehicle’s make, model, and year.
4 Systems Diagnostic Tool ? This car scanner carries out essential diagnoses that any mechanics and car enthusiasts can rely on. It includes the AT/ENG/ABS/SRS diagnostics to troubleshoot underlying safety issues for 57 car manufacturers; and full OBD2 tests to help fix emission-related problems common in cars that are three or more years old; compatible with 1996 OBDII/EOBD/JOBD/KOBD/CAN standards.
Features-Packed OBD2 Scanner ? You can easily view diagnostic results with the automatic inspection report recorded, played back, and printed via PC. Up to 4 data streams can be merged in a graphic to provide a clear comparison. Any mysterious codes triggered? Look up what they mean right on the DTC Library. Or try Online Feedback to network with our experts to get associated fixes and troubleshooting suggestions.
User-Oriented Diagnostic Tool ? The TOPDON AD500S scan tool gives touchscreen & button navigation which is helpful when your hands are greasy during repairs. The automatic VIN access can pull up the car specs automatically for you instead of manual input. The large 5” color screen presents quality results that’ll be quick and straightforward to read. The free-for-lifetime update ensures the vehicle coverage continues to grow at no extra cost.
Great After-sale Service Package ? You can expect 60 days unconditional return & 100% original replacement policy; 12 months product quality backup; and dedicated 24/7 technical assistance. This OBD2 scanner has 9 languages compatible menu: EN/FR/ES/DE/IT/RU/PT/JP/KR. What’s in the box: 1*Scan tool main unit; 1*User Manual; 1*USB Cable; 1*Carrying Case.