We are a globel good product experiencing and recommendation platform for video creators. We selected quality products to be experienced and our product experiencers are SNS Key Opinion Leaders. If you are a product use experiencer, a YouTuber, a vlogger, come on and join us!
For Visitors
You can look through various opinions and use experience about the product you are interested in. Product selling points, related videos and reviews will be shown publicly. These info can help you choose more powerful products that are more suitable for you.
For Creators
You can apply to become an experimenter for our experience products. It's completely free to sign up and if selected, you experience and keep the product! Your reviews can be videos on YouTube, text reviews on the community or social media, or something completely creative and different. Also, your video will be included on our website to help you to get more video views and followers, we will add your use experience video to our platform.

For Brand Partners
We build a public platform holding a large number of experimenters. For brand partners seeking faster product development, why not join us? We recruit so many Key Opinion Leaders who can lend you a hand to improve market exposure and broaden product business. A creative way to ensure the best use experience and product development. More people will know your products. And you will get high-quality video product feedback by offering free products. If you have good products, but do not know how to promote them. Why not join us?


Free Products

You will keep the free product and get a full refund after posting your experiencing video.

High Exposure

Your product video included on our website will bring you more views and potential followers.

professional guidance

We provide professional experience instruction for junior including Various SNS skills.

More opportunities

We offers a wide platform to show your ability and opportunity to cooperate.


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