Experiencer Q&A

1. How does product experience work?

Members register on our platform for products that they are interested in experiencing and then we select experiencers. Selected experiencers keep the product free in return for a product experiencing video posted on their YouTube channel which we will then include on our website.

2. How many products can I apply for experience?

You can apply for as many products that you are interested in.

3. What are the video requirements?

We require a product using video, and the length of the video should not be less than one minute. It should be posted on your YouTube channel and give the link to us.

4. Will it cost me anything?

There is no charge for signing up and getting experiencing products. But you need to order the product on Amazon first, and after you post a YouTube video, you will get the full rebate by PayPal with PayPal fee covered.

5. Why should I order it on Amazon instead of receiving the product directly?

Most of the brand products we cooperate with are from Amazon. And Amazon can provide detailed product information and sufficient service to safeguard your rights.

6. Where are the experience products from?

Most of the products are selected from the reliable brand suppliers we cooperate with. They offer free products to broaden the market and flourish their business with the help of your influence. And we will also present global brand products to give back to our members' support.

7. I’ve registered, when will I experience the product?

We will verify your information and inform you of the result within 3 days. If selected, you will receive the email. If not, you can apply for other products.

8. Can I get paid for posting a video on YouTube?

Sorry, we don’t pay for your product video. Your video still belongs to you. But you can keep the free product and win potential YouTube followers.

9. What should I do about product quality problems?

For any problems, you can contact Amazon sellers in time to seek help. They will help you handle the problems in time. And that's why we need you to place the order on Amazon. In this way, you can easily get expert product support from them if you got some problems. Also, if you don't receive the seller’s reply within 24h, you can contact us via Messenger. We'll be happy to help you with all your problems.

10. How long do I have to complete the video?

Experiencers have 15 days from receipt of the product to create and post their video and send YouTube video link to us. If you can’t complete it as scheduled for some reason, please contact website customer service or send details by the contact form promptly.

11. What if I can’t complete the video in time?

Please contact us through website customer service or send contact details using the contact form.

12. Can I post the experiencing video to other platforms like Facebook or Instagram?

Of course, you can! You also need to post it on YouTube and provide a YouTube link to us as promised.

13. Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, you can follow our page to get more experience information, and please feel free to message us. Here is the Facebook page link: